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OSAS Assessment by Endoscopy

Except polysomnography, WatchPat (a portable diagnostic equipment), oxygen monitoring instrument, there are endoscopic examination. The endoscopic examination typically start with the examination of the nasal cavity, then the velopharynx and lastly the hypopharynx. This will allow the identifcation of any significant nasal, velopharyngeal or hypopharyngeal pathology that may contribute or cause the obstructive sleep aponea and will also help our ENT doctor to decide on the treatment plan, such as use sleep apnea machine or surgical treatment.

Sleep endoscopy

This is an procedure to be performed in hospital, where the patient will be induced into a sleep state by medications. Endoscopic assessment will then be performed and the sites of obstruction and patterns of obstruction will then be accurately diagnose. 

Flexible Laryngoscopy

ENT doctor use a flexible videolaryngoscope will be introduced through the nostril to examine the whole nasal cavity for local pathology of the nose and possible sites of obstruction. Then the videoendoscope will examine the area of the velopharynx and hypopharynx.  This is a very well tolerated procedure, no hospitalization required and usually only a small amount of local anesthetics will needed to be applied to the nose and throat regions, there is little uncomfortable, but as long as relax, check completed quickly.

Muller Maneuver

Muller maneuver is a special technique that by consciously generating a negative pressure state within the upper airway, ENT doctor would be able to estimate and possibly identify the possible locations and pattern of obstruction. The patient is still fully conscious and is not in sleep when take this test.

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