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Sleep Apnea Test

Our professional ENT doctor will according to the actual needs of patients for sleep apnea test, or sleep apnea endoscopic assessment, general sleep apnea test methods are the following:

  • Polysomnography
  • WatchPat
  • Oxygen Saturation Monitor

Polysomnography – Sleep Apnea Test

A polysomnogram is a group of tests performed to map sleep while the patient is sleeping under the most normal conditions possible. The following are the basic elements necessary for an evaluation.

  • Electroencephalogram—The tracing of electrical activity in the brain, used to classify and quantify the various stages of sleep.
  • Electrooculogram—Records eye movements observed during REM sleep.
  • Electromyogram—Used to monitor the tonus of chin and leg muscles during REM sleep.
  • Electrocardiogram—Used to monitor heartbeat throughout the night.
  • Respiratory airflow and movements—Measured by recording the flux of air through the nose and the mouth as well as the movement of the abdomen and the thorax.
  • Oxyhemoglobin saturation—Measurement of the level of oxygen in the blood vessels determined by means of a device called an oximeter, attached to the patient's finger.


WatchPat is a portable diagnostic device that uses the most innovative technology to ensure the accurate screening, detection, and the follow-up treatment of sleep apnea.

Oxygen Saturation Monitor

Oximetry monitoring instrument for monitoring oxygen saturation and hypoxia in patients with sleep apnea often sleep, doctors can estimate a patient's condition based on these records.

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