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Hong Kong Sleep Apnea Centre is operated by HK ENT Specialist Ltd and its services focused include: sleep disorder test, sleep apnea endoscopic assessment, sleep apnea machine, and sleep apnea surgical treatment.

What is sleep apnea / sleep disorder

Sleep disorders are not just poor sleep, it is often related to more serious problems, including depression. Chronic insomnia may also be a symptom of a serious physical ailment.

Mr Chen suffered from excessive daytime sleepiness. When he drove the family car, his wife had to watch him carefully, as he tended to lapse into momentary blackouts, which he rarely recalled. He snored loudly and irregularly every night and at times violently jerked himself awake, gasping for breath.

Mr Chen case had the classic symptoms of sleep apnea. Apnea literally means “no breath.” An episode of sleep apnea may last anywhere from 10 seconds to 2 or 3 minutes. The victim often thrashes around gasping for air and then falls asleep again, only to repeat the apnea hundreds of times per night.

There are three types of apnea:

  • Central apnea occurs when the brain is respiratory control Centre doesn't give the command to breathe regularly.
  • With obstructive sleep apnea, the upper airway at the back of the throat actually closes, blocking air movement.
  • Mixed apnea is a combination of the two and is the most common diagnosis.

The victim of any type of apnea can end up in virtually the same condition as someone who stayed up all night, every night!

The serious consequences of sleep apnea

Those with sleep apnea may live dangerous lives, for they can blank out while on the job or at the wheel of their automobile, such as Mr Chen case, many patients may suffer from high blood pressure, an enlarged heart, and an increased risk of stroke or heart failure.

Sleep disorder self-test

How likely are you to doze off in the situations mentioned below? Using the following scale, circle your answers, and then add up your total score.

Would never 0
Slight chance of dozing 1
Moderate chance of dozing 2
High chance of dozing 3

a) Sitting and reading
b) Watching TV
c) Sitting inactive in a public place, such as at the theater or a meeting
d) As a car passenger for an hour without a break
e) Sitting quietly after a lunch without alcohol
f) Lying down to rest in the afternoon
g) Sitting and talking to someone
h) In a car, while stopped in traffic

Score ․․․․․․․․․․․

Score Results
1-6: No need to worry
7-8: Within the average
9 and over: Please contact us to see medical advice

While most common in obese men over 40 years old, sleep apnea can occur at any age, even in young children. There are several treatments—all best supervised by a medical sleep specialist. The most effective nonsurgical treatment for obstructive sleep apnea is the use sleep apnea machine to create continuous positive airway pressure. The patient wears a mask over his nose at night, and a pressure regulator (custom-set by a physician) delivers just the amount of air needed to prevent apnea. If this does not rectify the condition, there are several surgical approaches, including using laser or radio-frequency waves to remove excess tissue from the throat. For details, please consult our professional ENT doctor.